Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is a product that makes it easier to have a balanced diet and this product makes sure the body gets the full range of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that it needs in a really easy way. The product can be purchased in a milkshake powder or capsule form. The product works better if the milkshake and capsules are used together. This product concentrates the best parts of fruit and vegetables into milkshake powders and capsules.

Juice Plus+ is important for the busy person who wants to eat healthily but does not have time to plan meals perfectly. These products bridge the gap between what should be eaten everyday and what is eaten everyday.

Adults and children can both use the Juice Plus+ products. Adults should take two fruit, vegetable and berry capsules daily with plenty of water and children up to 13 years of age should take one vegetable, fruit and berry capsule a day.

These products allow users to enjoy the benefits of fruit and vegetables but the user should still use fresh fruit and vegetables every day as well. This will help to maintain a balanced diet and staying fit.

Juice Plus+ is an all natural product. It is free of glucose, lactose, artificial aromas/colours and chemical stabilisers. The link below link to the lists of ingredients.

Berry Capsules
Vegetable Capsules
Fruit Capsules
Berry Chewables
Fruit Chewables
Vegetable Chewables

Juice Plus+ ensures that all their ingredients are harvested as they are fully ripened and that gives the consumer the top quality ingredients direct from the field. The proprietary juicing and drying procedure removes water and unusable components and concentrates the plant materials. That means as many nutrients as possible are kept in their natural form.

Below I have linked two videos about Juice Plus+. The first video is about how Juice Plus+ is made and the second is a Dr explaining the science behind the Juice Plus+ products. If you would like to know more about this be sure to watch these two videos.

How Juice Plus+ Is Made
Dr Sears Juice Plus+ Science


These testimonials were provided by a juice plus+ representative who lives and works in Manchester. He tried and tested juice plus before he signed up as a representative. His name is Patrick and he is a great salesman but he is also really nice and he will willingly take the time to go through any area of Juice Plus+ no matter how long it takes for it all to sink in.

''I started to take the juice plus capsules and shakes in June last year. At the time I wasn't very well, I was trying to juggle a full time degree and a job while bringing up my son Dylan. I had also suffered a number of brain seizures and had just been diagnosed with epilepsy. I had no energy and I was feeling low. I had heard of juice plus previously through Facebook and thought it was a weight loss product but when I had the products explained to me and did some of my own research I realised it wasn't, it was a nutritional product. I needed a boost so I gave it a go. In a very short time I noticed my energy level improved massively, I was more alert and I felt alive for the first time in ages. After a few weeks I then noticed my skin started to improve, I have always suffered with acne and it has virtually cleared and my skin looks better than ever, so much so people comment how good it looks. My hair has also got thicker and is in great condition. I have also always suffered with bleeding gums and since using juice plus that has completely stopped. It's been a revelation for me, I feel good, I am more aware of what I am eating and feel confident that I am providing my body with the nutrition it needs.'' Rebecca McWilliam

Before And After

Below are images related to Juice Plus and people who have been using the product. These images show how this product has helped people who have used this product. These images were also provided by the representative, Patrick. These are before and after images from people in his group of Juice Plus+ and they show how it has helped them.


For any more information about the product, sign up to be a representative or buy some of the product then use the contact details listed below. When contacting Patrick be sure to include who you were referred by. To be referred to him by me you would have to say you were referred by Margaret. Or contact me about being a representative and I will pass your details onto Patrick. 

Margaret Chadwick
Chadwick Design Marketing

Patrick Ettore
Senior Sales Director 
Juice Plus+ UK

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