Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Amazon | Summer Ankle Socks

Ladies & Girls Cotton Rich Polka Dot Lace Top Summer Ankle Socks (2 Pair Multi Pack)

These are the lace frill polka dot ankle socks and they are available from Amazon.  These socks have a cotton rich super soft feel for maximum comfort and they have a delicate lace top detail with polka dots.

These socks are available in many different colours. The colours are baby blue & lilac, cream & baby pink, pink & blue, lilac & cream, white & blue and white & pink. These socks are made from 75% cotton, 23% polyester and 2% elastane.

These socks have multi-way stretch that make them more comfortable and a durable fit. They are light and breathable so they are perfect for summer. These are available in sizes ranging from UK 9 up to UK 3. There is a size chart available so that buyers from other countries can be sure that they are ordering the correct size. There is a 84% fit as expected note on these socks so take that into account when picking sizes for ordering.

The price of these socks is £2.99 but be sure to convert the price into the currency of the country that you are placing the order from. The cost of shipping to the UK is £1.69. The shipping charges and delivery time may vary depending on the country that the item is being shipped too. 

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