Friday, 29 May 2015

Refurb | DELL GX780 COMBO, 4GB, 250GB, INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.93GHz, DELL 22" LCD


This is the Dell GX780 combo and it is available from Refurb. This computer is the Dell GX780 and it has an Intel core 2 duo 2.93GHz processor and a 4GB RAM. The HDD is 250GB. The screen is 22" and it is a flat screen. The computer comes with a keyboard and mouse. The form factor of this computer is SFF, the memory type is DDR3 and the hard drive type is SATA. The optical drive is DVD and the operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium installed by a Microsoft authorised refurbisher. The Intel core is designed to deliver a fast performance and a great responsiveness in multi-tasking sessions. This comes with windows seven home premium already pre-loaded on the HDD. This SFF PC is designed to minimise space utilisation but it provides an optimal balance between performance and affordability. This package comes with a keyboard, mouse, a DVD and a large 22" flat screen monitor that provides vivid images for video, pictures and other graphic needs. All computers and systems come with a FREE one year warranty and the monitors come with a limited 90 day warranty. The price of this computer setup is $199 but be sure to convert the price into the currency of the country that you are placing the order from so as to be sure of how much you will be paying. There may be shipping charges on this item so be sure to check for charges being added to the overall cost of the order. The shipping charges and delivery times may vary depending on the country that the item is being shipped to. 

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