Monday, 4 May 2015

Florence Scovel | Love Bottle Set

Love Bottle Set

This is the love bottle necklace set and it is available from Florence Scovel. This set consists of three necklaces in gold and white gold with different colour crystals. These unique bottle pendants come housed in white gold or gold and comes in your choice of colour crystals. The options of crystal colours are stunning pink, blue, green or clear and they hang delicately from a chain. This is the perfect gift to surprise that special someone with a gift she will cherish forever or even just to treat yourself. The price of this set is $39.99 but be sure to convert it into the currency of the country that you are placing the order from so as to be sure of how much you will be paying. There is free shipping on order over $50 and there is up to 50% off the retail price. The shipping charges may vary depending on the country that it is being shipped to. 

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