Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Microsoft | XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Plug And Play Kit

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with D-Pad + Play & Charge Kit

This is the play & charge kit for the XBOX 360 wireless controller and it is available from the Microsoft online store. The play and charge kit will let the user charge the XBOX 360 wireless controller whilst still playing so the gaming experience is not interrupted. This kit includes the wireless controller and the play and charge wire and rechargeable battery pack. The controller sports a transforming D-Pad that can be rotated to adapt to the gameplay and offers unrivaled precision. The wireless technology in the controller allows the user to play from anywhere in the room. The D-Pad can be used in the "plus" format for directional moves or in the "disc" format for sweeping moves. The plug and play kit with rechargeable battery extends the battery life on the controller and the playing time for more hours of gaming fun. The price of this controller and charge and play kit is $64.99 or when it is converted into GBP currency the price is £43.57. Be sure to convert the price into the currency of the country you are placing the order from as it will vary depending on the currency that is used. There may be shipping charges on this item so be sure to keep an eye out for shipping charges when placing the order. The shipping charges may vary depending on the country that it is being shipped to. 

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