Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Microsoft | HP Envy Beats All In One PC

HP ENVY Recline 23-m230 Beats SE TouchSmart All-in-One

This is the HP Envy Beats recline all in one touch smart PC and it is available from the Microsoft online store. This PC has a 23 inch full HD touchscreen and intel core i5. The memory on this PC is 8 GB and a hybrid SSHD consisting of a 1 TB HDD and a 8 GB SSD. This PC combines the bold look and premium sound of Beats Audio with a fully adjustable display for a uniquely immersive sound and touch experience. This PC provides the full beats experience with studio quality sound, quad speakers and a stylish beats design. This Recline's display can be tilted from 5 to 145 degrees and this lets you interact with it however you choose. The screen can be positioned upright on the desk for straight on viewing or it can be dropped down and set it close to the lap for easy touch navigation. The recline comes loaded with power for handling all the work and play requirements. The fourth generation intel core i5 processor, 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB of memory combined to provide excellent speed, power and storage. This PC comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep the workspace free from clutter of excess cables. The roomy 23 inch screen means the user can enjoy movies and videos from any seat in the house. This PC is also good for working on documents, spreadsheets, research and much, much more. The recline can be lay flat so people can gather round for multiplayer games, collaboration and photo sharing. The full HD touchscreen delivers wide viewing angles, rich colours and sharp graphics. The buyer can get extended service and accident protection for the device, unlimited software support and training from the answer desk for up to two years. The price of this all in one computer is $999 but when the currency is converted to GBP the price is £669.77. Be sure to convert the price into the correct currency of the country that you are placing the order from so as to be sure of how much it will cost you. There may be shipping charges for this item so be sure to check on that when placing an order. The shipping charges will vary depending on the country that it is being shipped to. 

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