Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Microsoft | 20 Inch Separation Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard (20-inch separation)

This is the kinesis freestyle2 keyboard (20 inch separation) and it is available from the Microsoft online store. Most keyboards, even the ergonomic models, have a ten degree positive slope from front to back. These designs bend the wrist. The freestyle2 keyboard has a zero degree slope which minimizes the height of the keyboard which effectively creates a negative slope and reduces wrist extension. This keyboard has a slim design that provides you a two-in-one office and travel keyboard. Both modules of the keyboard are connected together by a flexible pivot tether that allows an infinite range of splay. The tether can be disconnected so the keyboard can be adjusted in a way that is most comfortable for the user. This keyboard connects to the computer with a standard USB. The price of this keyboard is $119.99 or when the currency is converted to GBP the price is £80.45. Be sure to convert the price into the currency of the country that you are placing the order from so that you can be sure of how much this keyboard will cost you. The price may vary depending on the country that the order is being placed from. There may be shipping charges for this item so be sure to watch out for that when placing an order. The shipping charges will vary depending on the country that the item is being shipped to. 

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