Monday, 20 April 2015

Microsoft | 12 Month Gold Membership

Microsoft Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Membership

This is a digital code for XBOX live gold 12 months membership and it is available from Microsoft online store. XBOX live gold offers free games, exclusive discounts on games, advanced game play and more. There is a growing library of free titles for gamers who have an XBOX live gold membership. The games range from multiplayer shooters to the family favourites so there is something for everyone. A single gold membership provides multiplayer access for everyone in the home. It is the most advanced multiplayer experience and multiplayer invites can be received whilst watching TV. With XBOX live gold you receive discounts on select content each week and up to 75% could be saved on games. With so much on sale, the savings really  can add up. The price of this is $59.99 or when converted into the currency GBP the price is £40.22. Be sure to convert the price into the currency of the country you are placing the order from so as to be sure of exactly how much you will be paying. There may be shipping charges on this item so be sure to watch out for that when placing an order. The shipping charges will vary depending on the country that the order will be being shipped to. 

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