Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Pascal Tattoo Boots

These are DR Martens boots and they are available from Jake Shoes. These boots are available in black and white. The ladies boots have a pascal tattoo print/pattern. Dr Martens is known for the funky styles and the tattoo prints on pascal leather. These boots will look amazing and make a fashion statement for all the right reasons. These are soft and comfy and will last for years whether wearing them to a festival, party, gig or on a daily basis they will stand out and the wearer will stand for something in them. These boots are available from UK 3 up to UK 8. There is a size guide available so that buyers outside of the UK can be sure that they are ordering the correct size. The price of these boots is £125 but be sure to convert it into the right currency as the price may vary. There may be shipping charges for these boots and the amount may vary depending on the country they are being shipped to. 

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