Thursday, 9 April 2015

English Abode | Jewel Wine Goblets

Nina Campbell Harlequin Set of 6 Jewel Wine Goblets

These are the Nina Campbell Harlequin jewel wine goblets and they come in a set of six. These are available from English Abode and they are perfect to add a splash of colour for the dining table and will go down a treat at dinner parties. Each of these glasses are exquisitely handmade and they are worth investing in. The jewels available in this set are amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, peridot, pink sapphire and topaz. These are the perfect goblets for any occasion whether it is a formal or casual occasion. The price of this set of six wine goblets is £174 and there is free delivery to the UK. This company does ship internationally and they try to keep the shipping costs as low as they can. 

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