Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Amazon Affiliate | Iron Fist Spineless Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Iron Fist Spineless Peter Pan Collar Blouse

This blouse is made of see through chiffon and is sleeveless and it has a green spine design on the back of the blouse and stud buttons up the front. The cost of this blouse is £48 and £3 for delivery. The sizes available are UK 12 to UK 16 and there is a size chart on amazon so that the correct size can be ordered by people in other countries. This kind of blouse is perfect for days at the beach or for everyday wear. \There is a small Peter Pan Collar on this shirt. This shirt can be paired up with any other clothing item such as leggings or a skirt and would make the perfect outfit. 
The price on this blouse may seem expensive but Iron fist is a excellent company that produces excellent quality clothing and footwear. If this shirt was bought direct from Iron Fist it would be a lot more expensive. 

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