Sunday, 8 February 2015

Amazon Affiliate | Iron Fist Mesh Dress

Iron Fist Womens Dress Ladies Meshed Tutu Bottom Skirt Pointed Motif On Top

This is an Iron Fist dress with a mesh tutu style skirt. The pattern on the dress is skeleton hands towards the top of the dress.  There is a tight underskirt underneath the mess tutu and the dress has a scoop neck for a more comfortable fit. This dress is Iron Fist branded and costs £30 with £4 delivery. This price is extra cheap for such a nice product and name brand. If this dress was bought direct from the company it would cost a lot more. The sizes available are 8 to 12 and there is a size chart available so that the correct size is ordered. This dress may look simple but it is excellent quality and simply brilliant. This is also the latest in the fashion world so join the trend and own this beautiful dress. 

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