Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Amazon Affiliate | Iron Fist Skull Handbag

Iron Fist Sweet Skull O Mine Ladies Handbag - Charcoal/Metallic

This beautiful bag has a metallic/silver skull head design and zipped fastening and it is finished with a metal skull head. There is a matching purse available to go with this bag. The closure is a zip. The bag is only suitable for lightweight use. For example, to carry things like phones and purse. 

The price of this bag is £23. This is worth way more than this low price tag. From looking at the brand and the quality of the bag i would say that this price was extremely low and worth every penny. The bag also has a low delivery charge of £4. 

This bag has 4.6/5 stars on amazon which shows that this is excellent value for the low price tag put onto this item. Snap up this bag whilst it is still available as it is selling out really fast. 

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