Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Amazon Affiliate | Fly London Women's Stif Kraft Biker Boots

Fly London Women's Stif Kraft Biker Boots

These boots are high top ankle boots and have a low block heel. The heel height is 3cm and the sole is made of gum rubber. The inside and outside material is leather and the closure is made up of 3 buckles and straps. These boots come in a variety of colours and sizes. The sizes range from 2 to 9 in UK sizes. There is also a chart of sizes in case the buyer is not from the UK. The colours that these boots are available in are black, red and grey. 

The cost of these boots range from £65 to £94. This may seem pricey for a pair of boots but the materials used to make these boots are high quality and are great value for money. These boots will last longer than any cheap shoes that are available on the market. 

The buckles make for easy fastening so that it is quicker and easier to get them on and be on the go within a small amount of time, for example if you was in a rush to be somewhere these boots would be perfect for that. Also, these would be good for colder weathers as they are made from good material which will be more weather resistant and will be more protective from puddles and heavy rain so the left behind water will not penetrate through the shoe. 

These boots have a 4/5 star rating on amazon which is a big hint that they are definately value for money. The better quality materials means that they will last years longer than any of the cheaper shoes that are available on the market.

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