Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I am:

  • Intelligent
  • Caring
  • Bound for success
  • Productive
  • Business minded
  • Creative
  • In control of my life and my destiny
  • becoming happier
  • Expanding my mind
  • Different 
  • Special
  • A winner
I will:
  • Become a multi-millionaire
  • Have a successful business
  • Change my life and my family's life
  • Give to many charities
  • Own my own home 
  • Provide a safe and secure home for my mother
  • Be happy
I want:
  • To make something of my life
  • To improve the life of my mother
  • To be independent
  • To have the life I know I deserve
  • A job that makes me happy
  • To work with people that make me happy
  • To be my own boss
  • To be able to afford nice things
I can:
  • Succeed
  • Prove everyone who doubted me wrong
  • Survive 
  • Improve my life
  • Help others
  • Be happy
I deserve:
  • A better life
  • To be helped
  • Success
  • To be happy 
  • To buy all the things i want
  • I have ideas that create a successful business. I know what can sell and what appeals to people of all ages and styles.
  • I have helped people when they have needed it without even expecting anything in return like a lot of people do when they help others out. 
  • I have suffered through poverty and rough times in a small amount of years. As I am writing this I am only 22 and I have suffered through a lot in my life from poverty to bullying. 
  • This will free me from all the suffering that is caused on my family by poverty and illness. 
  • I do not want to spend the rest of my life scraping by on next to nothing because I am too poor to make changes and live above scraping by.
  • I do not want to be like the rest of my family living on benefits and just having children to get more money and stay out of work.
  • My life has just been miserable because we can barely afford to buy ourselves clothes and shoes when what we have is n longer any good. Also, most of the time we can barely afford enough food to last us until the next payment comes in for my sister and mum.
Margaret Chadwick

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