Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lego affiliate | Lego Duplo Green Baseplate, Fire Station Set & Fire Chief

Green Lego Baseplate

Lego is a perfect christmas present for any child. This baseplate can be bought with sets of Lego and will keep your child entertained for hours as there will be no limit on their imagination and all the things they can create. you can get this baseplate for the low price of $14.99 and give your child hours of entertainment.

You could buy this fire station Lego set to go with the baseplate as to make the christmas present much more fun for the young child. This set is just one of many that Lego has got to offer this christmas period. you can get this Lego set for the low price of $29.99.

Along with the baseplate and fire station set you could buy the fire chief so that your child has a complete Lego set to fill many enjoyable hours of play time. The fire chief comes with 6 pieces. It comes with the fire chief figurine, a Lego axe, flame decorated Duplo brick and other items. You can get the fire chief set for a low price of $9.99.

Put all these 3 sets together as a christmas present and you will have made a child's day as Lego is something that will last them a long time and will provide them with many hours of entertainment. Every child loves Lego as there are sets for both boys and girls and some adults even enjoy Lego so it would be a great activity for adult and child to spend time doing together.

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