Saturday, 29 November 2014

iTunes affiliate | Songpop & Moviepop

Songpop is a game where you guess the name of the song or the artist who sang by listening to a small portion of the song. Songpop is free but there is a choice for in-app purchases to have Songpop VIP. I would say it was worth upgrading to the VIP songpop as the songs are played for long and other good bonuses are available. 

This app can be connected to Facebook so you can play with your friends or you can opt to be connected to a random person and play against a stranger from anywhere around the world. This game is fun and perfect for those who love games and music. 

Along with songpop there is also moviepop. Moviepop is where you guess movie and directors and actors by watching a small clip of the movie. Moviepop is free but there is also in-app purchases to go VIP. Again I recommend going VIP because of all the benefits you receive just as with songpop. 

This app can also be connected to Facebook so you can play against friends or connect to strangers from anywhere in the world for a quick game of guessing movies and gaining coins. This game will be fun for anyone who enjoys games and movies.  

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