Monday, 24 November 2014

Chadwick Design Marketing

Hello, my name is Margaret Chadwick. I have created this blog to share with the world what is going on with the business that I created with my sister, Donna Chadwick.

The business I mention is Chadwick Design Marketing or CDM for short. I will not being going into detail about CDM and me or Donna in this post as that can all be found on the 'about' page.

This post will be all about why I created this blog and what can be found on it. Apart from the home page there are 4 other pages: About, Affiliate links, CDM and CI Video sharing network. Below I will list what can be found on each of the pages.

About: information on what CDM is and why it was created, the items that we currently make and what we plan to expand and make in the near future, information about me and my sister and what interests us. Also there will be links to all the places CDM can be found, such as the CDM Facebook page and etsy shop.

Affiliate links: referral links to websites where it is easy to make money. Also there will be information about all the sites that I post links to.

Chadwick Design Marketing: images of items that we have created and information about what we used to create the items and how long it took etc etc. Also there will be links to the items on the CDM etsy shop.

CI Video Sharing Network: information about the video sharing network and CI shared dreams, links to the CDM video sharing pages and information about why I chose those videos.

Margaret Chadwick

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