Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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Of Mice And Men

The format of this book is paperback. Of Mice Of Men is an excellent book and definitely worth the time to take to read it. This book would be an amazing present for people of all ages and interests. The cover of this book is simple but would look good on any bookshelf. Of Mice And Men is good for teenagers at GCSE age as this book is sometimes used as GCSE reading material. There are one or two different covers for this book and there is also a hardback version.

I would snap this book up while it is still available because at the extremely low price of £6.01 they will be going fast. In fact there is already over 200 of this book sold so get in there fast and enrich someone's imagination this year.

Price: £6.01
Author: John Steinbeck

Consumer: Avid Readers

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