Sunday, 30 November 2014

Amazon Affiliate | 6ft Black Christmas Tree

6Ft Black Artificial Christmas Tree

This is a cosy Artificial Christmas Tree perfect for medium to large sized rooms. It offers style and sopistication for a truly luxurious look this festive season. Adding elegant sparkle to your home where space is limited, this quick and easy to assemble tree will make Christmas preparation effortless.

Size: 1.8 Meter
Colour: Black
Tips: 550
Metall Stand
Single Packing

This tree is a very good deal for such a low price of £24. This tree would go perfect in any room with white decorations or any light coloured decorations. Also, fake snow could be sprayed onto the tree to increase the christmas feel of the tree. This tree is for those who like to do things just a bit different and don't want the usual green tree that almost everyone buys for christmas.

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